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Am waiting to find something “worthy” to post! I had no idea anyone was visiting this blog! I can report that I am looking for some beautiful Mantillas to offer on my site. So far, my search has not yielded anything, nor have my prayers…..except maybe one exception: possibly obtaining some from the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe! This would be most wonderful! I run into many women (of all ages) that long to wear the veil. They just don’t want to stand out. I understand that. It took me almost a year to get “used” to standing out. I would get so red in the face it was miserable. But God Himself gave me, in only what I can describe as an “interior locution,” to wear the veil. Without this, which imparted much grace and strength to me, I could not have the courage to wear it. I had been praying about whether God wanted me to wear the veil. I only wanted to wear it if HE WANTED ME TO WEAR IT! So one day at Mass a deep surrendering prayer was given to me by God to, in essence, pray: “Lord, if YOU want me to wear the veil, GIVE ME TO WEAR THE VEIL.” It had to be HIS doing, not my own. That was at Sunday Mass. The next couple days at Daily Mass, as I was in the act of receiving Our Lord (always on my tongue, I receive) I heard and felt interiorly in what I can only describe as PURE LOVE BEYOND ALL WORDS, “Where is your veil?” (loving emphasis was on the word “your”). I knew I could not attend another Mass without wearing a veil, out of God’s love for me and my love in response, for HIM! Not selling them anywhere in this area, I was inspired to cut a piece of lace I had into the shape of a veil. It was a BEAUTIFUL piece of ever so slightly off-white lace that had been a curtain. Every time I wear it, the compliments come flowing in from the ladies and teenagers (since then I have worn another one a friend gave me as I feel it doesn’t stand out as much, it too is slightly off-white and not as beautiful however).

Some Good Prayers….

“O LORD, give unto me to seek to do Your Will and not my own.”

and when we receive Holy Communion: “O LORD, give unto me to become fully transformed into THEE whom I receive.”

“Praise, Glory and Honor, Power and Might be to You O Holy Almighty God forever and ever! Amen!”