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The title of this Blog: “Mater Dei Mantillas and More!”

“Mater” (Mah-ter)  “Mother” in Latin         “Dei” (Day-eee)  “God” in Latin

Mother of God Mantillas and More!  (in other words!)

This blog name was received through inspiration from “self-abandonment prayer” to God

 during and after praying the Rosary one morning  in Latin.

(Hence the words “Mater Dei”)

With deep gratitude to God for leading/inspiring me to wear a Veil to Mass

and the subsequent Beauty that ensues in Grace from so doing

led me to  want to share that “Blessedness ” with others

for the purpose of perhaps inspiring other women in the same way!

More on this later,  as I hope to develop this theme.

God bless you all!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have just seen “This is the Catholic Mass” video and it is very inspirational. The music is so beautiful that I would like to know the name of it and where I might find it. Recently, I experienced my own miracle and to give thanks I wrote a play with the intention of having all proceeds go directly to pediatric cancer research. This music would be perfect for opening the play. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video with us.

    • Forgive me, I am just now accessing the comment feature of my blog site. This is the first time I’ve read the comments!
      To answer your question about the music, I don’t know where it came from on that beautiful video “This is the Catholic Mass.”
      If I find out I will email you. How beautiful the sharing of your experience of God’s miracle to you! God’s mighty hand in deed!
      God bless you so abundantly! Thank you for visiting my site. I haven’t done anything with it in so long. Thank you again,

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