This is the Catholic Mass

absolutely stunning beyond all words……


13 thoughts on “This is the Catholic Mass

  1. Truly inspirational and comforting! Last Sunday, I had no one to take me to Mass. Fortunately, I had a free taxi ride to where ever I wanted to go. I chose to take the taxi to go to my church, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton., Springfield, MO. It was my first outing by myself in six years since I had become a resident in an assistance living facility. I am 90 years old and so grateful that I had the opportunity of attending Mass this past Sunday.

    • God bless you Rosina! Please forgive me for taking so long to read/respond to the blog comments!
      I am so happy you got to go to Mass!
      You are a treasure in the Diadem of Our Lord!
      A precious jewel in His Hand and dear to His Heart!
      He holds you tightly to His Most Sacred Heart!
      God bless you ever more abundantly and preciously!
      Thank you for leaving a comment, I DO believe people are enriched by your comment.
      It helps people’s faith to read the comments!
      Love you,

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment!
      Please forgive me for not reading/answering the Comments sooner!
      I do believe people’s faith is increased with each testimony!
      “Faith comes through hearing!” (don’t remember where in Scripture!)
      God’s richest blessings to YOU!

    • God bless Alida! I am still learning how to navigate this site so please forgive me if I already responded. Am just now, today reading the comment section! May God shower His richest most precious blessings upon you and yours!

    • God bless you Martha! Forgive me for not responding sooner! Am just now, today reading/responding to, comments! If I don’t get back soon, please forgive me, have so much work to do, don’t have a lot of time! May God bless you beyond all telling with His most precious gifts and favor!

  2. Your right. The Mass is a beautiful celebration of Christ Jesus and the ultimate sacrifice of His most precious blood to cleanse our sins once and for all. The Mass is the same all over the world which is a miracle within itself. In the new testament Mathew, Luke, Mark and John wrote Jesus saying “eat my flesh and drink my blood and you shall have your salvation”. Thank you for that beautiful video because it reminded me 16 yrs ago when I went to Mass praying for my lungs that God would let me live more than 3 yrs which is how long they gave me to live. I felt the wonder of the Mass as I believe that many miracles are performed by God when you are truly in love with His holy Eucharist. I will keep this and look at it often. Love you, Maryann.

    • Dear Maryann, again, please forgive me for replying sooooo late in time! Truly, this, today, just now, is the first time I’ve read the comments on my site!
      Thank you for your beautiful articulation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! Praise God for your miracle! Yes, indeed, God works miracles!
      I regret that I haven’t done anything on my site in so long. I just assumed no one had visited it, so no use to do anything with it!
      I will try to do more, and God’s will be done with my site!
      God bless YOU!

    • God bless you dear Kathy! May our Lord grant you and yours His most precious gifts and blessings and favor!
      Thank you for leaving a comment, I believe it helps the faith of readers! Thank you!

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